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Laughter is healing!

Hey Beauties!

My name is Erica Raquel and I will be your pilot on this wildly fashionable journey. I created GFL to help people like myself who deal with the hardships of life and need a place to feel comforted and inspired. My love for fashion started when I was a kid and ever since I knew I didn’t want anything else but to lather my life in the fashion industry. GFL will be a place to come to find fashion inspiration, fashion event coverage including red carpets and the always amazing Fashion Week all over the world, as well as makeup and daily life inspiration. When I decided to start this blog I instantly knew I wanted to have a space to do the two things I LOVE to do: dress up and motivate others and that is exactly what you can expect from my blog. I wanted to try something a little different by putting together a look that describes who I am so that you can get to know me more.

Check below for complete outfit details!

Top: Forever 21-$14.90

This top is my absolute favorite recent purchase because its off the shoulder and cropped. As you get to know me you will quickly see how much I love anything off the shoulder and cropped!

Pants: Edge (Stonecrest Mall)- $ 31.99

These pants stood out to me when I first saw them because it’s a style I wouldn’t normally go for but because I was doing a post about myself the stripes and floral pattern was perfect. Stripes usually represent a hardness to a piece because your eye will instantly turn to them first and I have moments where I could be a bit “tough” but then you have the flowers that give a bit of elegance and softness which is me. I can be a bit tough at times but I still have a love for being able to soften up a hard situation.

Shoes: City Trend- $20.99

I was surprised that they had cute shoes and although you can’t see them with this outfit they are so elegant yet simple. I love simplicity in shoes because I love over doing it with the clothing haha!

The total I spent for this ensemble: $67.88

I hope this helped you guys get to know me a little and I’m sure you will learn more and more about me with each post. Leave a comment below letting me know  what your style is and how it relates to you. Share this post with your family and friends! I look forward to connecting with all of you!

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Talk to you guys soon!


Erica Raquel


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A Fashion and Lifestyle blogger here to inspire with style, influence and invite positivity and love in all aspects of my blog.

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