Out Of My Comfort Zone

USE3USE2USE1USE420180524_183300-1Hey Beauties!

Guess whose back? Back again… haha!

Today I wanted to get a little real with you guys about my body confidence. I haven’t always been the most confident about some parts of my body. A lot of people around me were smaller and I was more thickums than most girls my age thanks to genetics. Being thick is on trend right now, you see people getting injections and fat transfers to certain areas for a bit more fullness. While for people like me it wasn’t a choice I had these thick thighs and hips handed to me on a silver platter which now in my life I am very thankful for the curves. However several years ago I wasn’t as accepting because I noticed I had cellulite on my thighs and chunky knees which was quite frustrating because I was a dancer and thought I would be in perfect shape with no flaws…. foolish of me to think such a thing. Funniest part of it all was how I never wanted to wear shorts because these imperfections kept me from being confident in the way I looked. Fast forward to now, 2018, I was walking through Forever 21 and stumbled across these super cute shorts and it gave me the boost I didn’t know I needed to just take the leap so I purchased them along with this blazer. A huge Spring trend are these light weight blazers which could be dressed up with jeans, shorts, and super cute pair of sandals (heel or flat). The top I decided to pair with this is another Spring trend, one of the most beautiful and bright colors ever, YELLOW! Any shade of yellow from pastel to mustard is on trend. Anyway, back to the point I wanted to make with this post was to try something you’re afraid of, get out of your comfort zone… show a little leg or tummy and don’t be afraid of what people will say because if you love who you are , the way you look and feel what THEY say will never matter. Love yourself and every imperfection you have been blessed with because if its perfect 9 ties out of 10 its fake! Don’t conform to that box, take a gigantic leap and blossom into who you’ve always wanted to be.

Outfit details:

Blazer: Forever 21- $29.90

Shorts: Forever 21- $15.90

Crop top: Ross- $5.99

Shoes: BeBe- $59.99

Purse: Ross (Jennifer Lopez collection) -$23.99

Earrings: Forever 21- $5.99 ( they were half off at the time.. I LOVE ME A GOOD DEAL!)

Comment below telling me what you have done lately that got you out of your comfort zone? Share with your family & friends. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for updates on new posts and follow me on social media for pictures not posted here.

Talk you guys soon!


Erica Raquel


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23 thoughts on “Out Of My Comfort Zone

      1. Thank you! The best part about stepping out of your comfort zone is even if you regret it you can always say that you actually tried and that is what matters most! Good luck with school! Keep shining! ❤


  1. You look phenomenal! I relate to you on so many levels! I actually have a post on the exact same topic about wearing shorts for the first time in 10 years. So cool when bloggers think alike 🙂 Ok, I was a dancer and thought my body would be free of imperfections and I still have cellulite on my thighs, no matter how much I work out, I still have it but I’ve learned how to accept it. I’m so happy you stepped out your comfort zone to try something new because your results are marvelous!

    Natonya | justnatonya.wordpress.com


    1. Thank you Natonya! I love that you did a similar post I will have to check it out. It is so important for us as women to love every bit of ourselves no matter how imperfect those bits may be! ❤ Keep shining 👑

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  2. Oh I loves this!!! I’m going through that right now.. it’s been a little hard to be confident with all the body changes that come with having kids.. these words have helped a lot.. Thank you💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jaleysa! It will be hard but dont ever stop working on you and your confidence. You are a queen who sacrificed her body to bring life into this world and for that alone you deserve praise. Don’t stop telling yourself how much you love you especially on those days when its the hardest! Keep shining beautiful ❤


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