Styling 1 Shirt 2 Ways

20180530_14205820180530_14202920180530_14303920180530_143018Hey Beauties!

Hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend and indulged in great food and quality family time. For me it was amazing, I cooked, ate then fell asleep haha! It was an extremely relaxing day for me. Last month I was thinking about what I wanted to wear for the holiday that was red, white and blue or something of the sorts that wasn’t tacky. So, I went to Ross Dress For Less which happens to be one of my all time favorite stores because of their amazing deals and selection. When I shop I look for cute items with even cuter price tags lol. That’s just who I am! Anyway, while perusing Ross’ racks I came across this super cute button up by Rafaella which originally retailed at $58.00 but at Ross (hang on to your jaws because they’re about to drop) it was priced at $12.99! Yes, yes I know that’s a STEAL! So, I snatched it right up and planned to wear it for the holiday which was a bust because I didn’t do anything. Now here we are styling that incredibly priced shirt from Ross two ways in hopes that someone will gain inspiration like I did when I found this treasure. Here are two ways to style this shirt, a dressy look and a casual look.

Find outfit details below!

Top: Ross Dress For Less-$12.99

Jeans: JC Penny (Not sure of the price but they were on sale)

Skirt: City Trend- $7.99

Shoes: AmiClubWear (had them for a while don’t remember the price)

Earrings: Forever 21- $5.99

Comment below telling me what you were up to on the holiday? And which look was your fave?

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Talk to you guys soon


Erica Raquel


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