How To Accomplish Your Fashion Dreams With The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders: Pt 2

Dealing with the troubles of life can put a ton of pressure on you as an individual. I know from my own personal experience. I have never been the person to receive tremendous things in my life so having the opportunities I have been given got me thinking hard about this collection. I decided to put together an “about the collection” without giving away too many details right away. This will give you guys a thorough understanding of the thoughts and purposes behind each piece as well as the collection as a whole. A lot of successful designers are so off into their world that when they assemble a collection they don’t let their consumers or even those that they inspire into their brain. Have you constantly wondered why a designer produced a specific item or where the idea came from? This is why I want to let you all into my brain during this journey so you may get a feel for what this process meant to me.

The Details

The Style:

Using my love for the human body and wishing more people would love what they have and what they don’t have I created pieces with shape and body to give them the feel of sexiness and freedom. When I wear a dress with movement I like to feel the wind hit the dress as I’m walking it gives me that fierceness and I turn on my Naomi Campbell and strut the streets! haha!


The Inspiration:

I am inspired by women who believe they can’t or feel they aren’t strong enough in tough situations. I LIVE to design for those women! For that woman I have thrown in something with edge & structure to give them the strength to kick down those walls they’ve built and be the bad ass they were meant to be!


The Goal:

Each and every piece I’ve created was made to make the woman wearing it want to takeover the room and do all she has ever wanted to do!


I am a self-taught designer; I create each piece by hand, I am the NON-TRADITIONAL designer, I create to give power where it might lack, to give sex appeal to those who may feel they don’t have it. I was never taken seriously as a designer. I’ve reached out to several people to work and got told NO! Put your heart, soul, mind, body and spirit into what you love no matter who you get rejected by! If you never get discovered by the people, you wish to in your dream field create that opportunity for yourself! Never sit back and wait for someone to believe you deserve it! If one person tells you no, you keep pushing until you get your YES! Don’t stop doing what you desire to do or being or who you are for anyone, for any reason. I beg you guys to go after the things you desire in your life and leave no time wasted.

I create each piece by hand, I am the non-traditional designer, I create to give power where it might lack, to give sex appeal to those who may feel they don't have it. -Erica Raquel

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Until Next Time My Darlings,

Erica Raquel

16 thoughts on “How To Accomplish Your Fashion Dreams With The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders: Pt 2

  1. You’re just teasing me now showing little snippets of the designs lol! But I actually love the whole concept behind your designs, I think it’s a lovely thing to do, so different too. I’m sure a lot of women would appreciate designs like this made to make them feel empowered. cant wait to see them xx

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  2. YES! Fashion that makes you feel good when wearing it is the best! When I’m having a crap day, some good makeup and an awesome outfit is my go-to for an easy pick me up.

    Liked by 1 person

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