My Life As A Designer (SERIES FINALE!)

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Hey Beauties!

I have really missed talking to you guys! We have a ton to catch up on! I have been gone a long time due to prepping for this show. Funny story (that’s not so funny) about this show…. I DIDN’T DO IT! This show has taught me a major lesson in who I am and what I  stand for however I am forever grateful for the experience and can take this as a WIN because I FINALLY get to share it with all of my beautiful online friends. I have worked so hard to make this happen, from endless nights to super early mornings, hurting myself, barely eating there was so much I didn’t do to pour all of me into the pieces I was creating. As you know all of my pieces were hand stitched and done with heart and soul. This entire show experience has given me a new sense of faith in myself and why I do what I do. Life can be so hard and trying, we are constantly faced with these challenging decisions of should I or shouldnt I, we beat ourselves up when we can’t or don’t but never celebrate ourselves when we do! Those moments when your gut is telling you DONT, dont let that tear you down. After all its so easy for us to say yes not to say no. When you feel like enough is enough or the situation is taking you or your talent for granted it is okay to walk away and celebrate yourself for being brave enough and not settling. Grand ERA is my baby that I hold oh so close to my heart and everything I do within my company will be attached to me/it forever, that’s when I realized that show wasnt for me because I know what I created this brand for! Grand ERA is about strength, being daring, but over all being the best you which is why I chose the slogan “Be giving, Be Great, Be Grand”. Give not only to others but to yourself, let yourself live your greatest life and above all live grand, nothing you take on should be small it should push you to get the more grand results in life. I have no theme for this collection because I wanted to challenge myself and thats what this was about for me! The pieces shown in this collection can be custom-made to fit or bought now (sizes & pricing will be posted). NO, they aren’t expensive because I believe in being fab on a budget haha!! If you are interested in a custom piece or a $10 Grand ERA t-shirt you can head over to I know I’ve had you guys waiting a long time for this but we have finally made it! PART 1 OF NEW GRAND ERA COLLECTION!

Black Pant Set Size: 2/4 $79.00
Lace Ivory w/ Crystal Belt Size:6/8 $189.00
Mauve Deep V Size: 6/8 $129.00
blog square
Satin & Tulle Size:6/8 $159.00
Grand Logo $10
Grand Slogan $10

Thank you all for being patient, supportive, and so darn kind!

Comment below telling me which piece is your favorite?

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Talk to you guys soon!


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21 thoughts on “My Life As A Designer (SERIES FINALE!)

  1. Oh wow, they are amazing and you should be so proud of what you have achieved! I love the lace ivory dress or the mauve dress, they are beautiful! They are all so great 🙂 🙂

    Willow |

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