Get Ready With Me… Or Something Like That

Hey Beauties!

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to try something a little different just to see how you guys like it. I hold a lot of talents in to myself but it was my goal at the beginning of the year to “expose” myself to the world a little, NO, not in a negative way but that would be quite funny. Earlier this year I became a certified makeup artist which pushed me to step things up for myself. I purchased new makeup, took everything I learned in class and took control of the situation like I had been doing this for years. I’ve been trying to get the hang of makeup for many years but would only get inexpensive brands because there’s no point in messing over expensive makeup just to learn, right?  Recently I took it upon myself to purchase new items and of course I couldn’t not purchase Fenty Beauty to experience all of the amazingness ( yes, I made that up haha) that was buzzing around the web. I went on Sephoras site and priced the things I wanted to try (because I believe in saving a cute buck). I purchased the Uncensored Matte Lipstick and the primer ( I will leave prices below), plus I got freebies which is the best part of shopping at Sephora.

PRO Filt’r Primer $32 Stunna Lip Paint $24 Killawatt Highlighter (Hu$tla baby & Mean Money) $34

The matte lip is smooth, bright and has the easiest lipstick applicator I’ve ever worked with. The primer is moisturizing but more importantly blurs the heck out of pores! Fenty Beauty’s prices are at the midway point of inexpensive and expensive which is a good deal because the product is worth every penny. Now, I usually don’t like spending too much money on makeup products unless they are worth it but then one day as I was browsing Amazon for a good eyeshadow palette I came across this beautiful product… Beauty Glazed eyeshadow palette which was only listed for $11 and some change… YES!

This palette has so many amazing qualities; outside of the amazing price, the pan size is a little bigger than a quarter, there are metallic and matte shades and the color options range! I highly suggest browsing Amazon for beauty products with awesome price tags attached just pay attention to the reviews/ star ratings. You can go through my affiliate link to find good makeup products on Amazon.

As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases

I have loved makeup for many years and I highly suggest trying different products whether from a popular company or even Amazon. Makeup is an art form or a way to express yourself and that’s what made me respect all that goes into it. All the products I’ve used are pictured.

What are your favorite makeup items? Comment below so I can check out your suggestions!

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I will be getting a little deeper into my love for beauty on this blog and I hope you guys stick around to see more.

Have an amazing holiday!


Erica Raquel

19 thoughts on “Get Ready With Me… Or Something Like That

  1. That lipstick looks amazing! I stick with the high street make up brands, because I’m still a student and can’t afford more, but as soon as I have a full time job I’d love to invest in some more expensive make up, even though I’ll never be an artist. Loved this post!

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    1. The best part about makeup is that there’s a wide range of pricing there are brands like colourpop and NYX that have great quality products that beat most expensive brands. You are an artist in your own right… everyone is! Embrace that beautiful ❤ Thank you for reading.

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  2. Congratulations on becoming a certified makeup artist! That pinky eye look is stunning. I’ve been umming and ahhing over whether or not to get any Fenty products for a while now, but that lip colour is calling to me, and the primer sounds so good!

    Cordelia ||

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    1. Thank you Cordelia! I must say Fenty is more than worth it! Try it out and tell me what you think. ❤


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