Bargain Sprees Series Pt 1

Hey Beauties!

Here we are with a new series! I love doing series posts, they are so much fun and it gets you guys involved more. This particular series is exciting because I get to shop, not just shop but find the best deals to share with all of you. By now all of you know that saving a coin is my favorite thing to do and that is what this entire series will be about. Searching and styling items I find at the lowest prices. I went to the Salvation Army (thrift store) to dig up some gold and I have to say I think I did just that! Shopping in thrift stores can be a very tricky task because you MUST search through every rack to really find the goods. Here are the few items I was able to find, ENJOY!

This dress was a last-minute find but when I saw it I instantly fell in love. The color is able to be worn during the summer and fall seasons which is important since we are almost out of this HOT, HOT summer season. This dress is from Asos and still had the tags on it (This is a rare thing to find at a thrift store). My favorite part of this dress was the cute knot in the center I love that it  gives  you somewhat of a cinched waist. I searched Asos to compare prices and unfortunately I couldn’t find this exact item however I did find several just like it and they ranged from $60-$100, for me that’s way too much to spend on a dress such as this which is why I’m lucky to have found this gem at only $4.99.

This dress had me torn because there were sooo many things I disliked about it but one thing I absolutely LOVED was that it reminded me of a blazer dress! I have been looking for an inexpensive blazer dress that was the perfect length and style but have failed to find it until I came across this. Although it’s not a blazer it has the same shaping of a blazer dress and that’s what drew me in but I could do without the other aspects of this dress. I did have to make tweaks to make it less grandma and more DAMN-MA (Yes, I thought that was quite clever and hilarious lol) so I put a split in it! I think I take after my mom with wanting thigh high splits but they make your legs look long and the dress look HOT! This dress was $6.99.

Last but certainly not least! My favorite find of all:

These pants are from the Salvation Army, I got them a couple of sizes bigger so it was more loose-fitting in the thigh area, the downside is I did have to take the waist in A LOT. This style of pant has been on trend for some time now very business chic. The color is another great transition from summer to fall and I just knew when I touched them I needed them in my closet and they were only $4.99. This button up I had to find at the Goodwill because the Salvation Army didn’t have the PERFECT top for this look. Although I walked in with no real idea of what I wanted the top to look like once I saw this shirt I instantly knew it was the one and would go perfectly with the pants. The shirt was originally $5.99 at the goodwill and all yellow tags were a percentage off so I only spent $3.17.

Shopping doesn’t have to be all about the price tag. It should be all about the style and knowing how to make it look like its expensive when you put it on. The value of something is determined by how it makes you feel and not how much you paid for it. Don’t be afraid to bargain shop, that’s where all the goodies are found.

If you don’t have thrift stores in your area and still look for inexpensive products you can always turn to Amazon they have fashionable on trend pieces cheaper than most stores.

As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Which outfit was your favorite? Comment below and let me know!

Thank you guys for reading and stick around for this exciting series to see what else I find on my bargain sprees.

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Talk to you guys soon!


Erica Raquel

23 thoughts on “Bargain Sprees Series Pt 1

  1. All of this is cute!!! I love the thrift store although I rarely buy clothes there I do find a bunch of stuff for my house that I can diy💞


    1. I had no idea I would find anything great but so glad I went searching. I would be honored to be featured on Sheiconic! Thank you for always showing love ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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