Fighting The Negativity

Hello Beauties!

This post will be a bit heavy and steer from fashion because I’ve had some things on my mind that I wanted to share. For the majority of my life I’ve dealt with depression. Being the only girl in a house full of chaos really took it’s toll. I didn’t have anyone to express my sadness and frustration to so I turned to watching New York Fashion Week live or their older live streams of shows, I would also turn to music like evanescence, The Fray, Christina Aguilera, I could go on and on but that was my escape. At that time in my life I felt worthless, unloved, like I wanted to run away. Living in a space where no one cared to understand you because you were a teenage girl with an attitude (As if it was an unusual sighting) it makes you feel like you have nothing or no one to turn to and that was often my situation. While I will not get too deep into detail I will say I was treated unfairly. As a teenage girl with a smaller family you would think we would be close and do so many things together but that wasn’t the case. Meanwhile, I’m going through this phase of figuring out who I wanted to be and during those times are when you need your people the most. I am now a 23 year old woman and my feelings have done a complete 360. Although I still deal with depression and still lack a family connection I am now standing for ME! Those situations gave me the strength to see who and what I wanted to be! I know now I want to be able to reach out to people going through the things I went through. I know now I dont have to rely on love of others to feel loved because I have myself. Self love is more than just the physical it’s also about the mental YOU and how you take care of yourself! I have always been labeled as the drama queen when I react to peoples actions. NO MORE! I refuse to let the negativity of others put me back into the headspace I was once in.
To all of you NEVER let any relative( mom, brother, sister, dad,etc.), friend, lover of any form make you feel worthless, unloved, or as if your feelings matter less than theirs! Focus on your mental and physical beauty before giving all of yourself to the life happening around you.

How do you take time out to give yourself the care you need? Comment below!

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Erica Raquel


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13 thoughts on “Fighting The Negativity

  1. I take time out regularly to just be alone and do nothing.. To regroup my thoughts and get to know myself even better. I used to be very dependant on company and other people, but learning how to be content and by myself has been so rewarding. Great post, thanks for sharing this 🙂

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  2. I love this! I know it can be hard feeling like nobody understands or cares to try.. That’s enough to make anybody feel some type of way.. Im glad you’ve found your way, and something to channel that energy into.. I love your creations💞

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  3. It’s great that you’re standing up for yourself now. I was also unfairly treated when I was younger and does not seem to be loved as much so I might have gotten sad and depressed from time to time too. Now I’ve totally stood up for myself as well and I try to forget everything and only think for myself! 💕

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  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your testimony. Life can certainly be challenging for all of us regardless of the different paths. So glad you trooped through and have a way to share your story. I too could relate and was motivated by your words. Keep pressing!🙂👍🏾

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  5. When I was going through a rough patch, this was when I started my blog I decided enough was enough and I wanted to be in control of myself and I have never looked back. You should always love yourself no matter what it’s very easy to say but you should be proud of yourself – you do you! xo

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  6. Love this post, I can really relate. I went through some family issues as a teenager and really felt like no one cared or understood me! I think these are quite common feelings. I still feel the same emotions sometimes even now! My self-care routine is usually a bubble bath, face mask or some kind of pamper sesh, reading a book or listening to a podcast or just going out for a long walk in the countryside. Thanks for sharing 🙂 x You can find my blog here:

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    1. I’m glad to be able to reach people who have been through similar situations although I would never wish that experience on anyone. I need to take up your self care routine that sounds relaxing hahaa! Thank you for reading and I will be sure to check out your blog 💜

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