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Hi beauties!

Today starts a series I created called Share Your Beautiful where bloggers of all niches and/or business owners share their story in hopes that we may all come together and inspire one another.

This is JustNatonya’s beautiful:

Just a curvy petite girl creating fashion statements from her bedroom in hopes to help all women identify and discover their style. My motivation to change the backdrop of the fashion industry is
fueled by my devotion to the body positive movement. I want to celebrate diversity of the female
body by showcasing how beautiful women truly are through my platform @sheiconic​, which
celebrates ALL stylish women. No discrimination, just the united under one concept, style inspo.

JustNatonya-Share Your Beautiful-1
My name is Natonya Medford and I graduated my university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public
Relations. I knew I always wanted to work with people, help people send their message and communicate effectively but responsibly. Some consider me shy, which in some areas I am but I
would say I’m more so observant. I listen before I speak. I’m extremely quiet in new situations
because I’m outlining my surroundings. This method has worked for me in the past, helping me learn the behavior of others.
Ever since I held my first Barbie at 8 years old, I knew I was driving down Daring Fashionista Blvd. I took a look at the two-piece outfit she was wearing and knew she needed a style update. I used to cut and design clothes from my closet to give my Barbie a whole new wardrobe. It was then I realized I adapted the innovative, resourceful and strategic mentality. With a drive to communicate, I couldn’t just settle for sending messages, it had to involve fashion. How was I to bring the two words together? I planted my stilettos in the FashionPR world by accident. I was introduced to the concept two years before I graduated university. My senior year, I came up with an idea to host a fashion show with seven other students. The models were survivors of sexual abuse walking boldly down the runway to the tagline I created,
“ARISE! Stand Tall”. We raised over $900 and donated all proceeds to the sexual abuse non-profit ARISE! International, Inc. It was then I knew how to help others through
communication and fashion.

JustNatonya-Share Your Beautiful-4
After graduating, I’ve struggled to break into the fashion industry. I applied to 38 companies and
been rejected by all in less than one year. No interviews just declined emails stating the usual
message, “thank you for your interest but we are looking for someone else”. I did score an
interview for a virtual styling job but they didn’t want to hire me either. It’s easy to become
frustrated and feel like you’re in the wrong arena but I know God has a purpose for me and if He
wasn’t going to give up me, neither should I give up on myself. We are all meant to do things but we can’t force timing, we must be patient and wait for everything to fall in place.

Rejection is Protection.
I’m not the type to sit around and do nothing. Something in my spirit was prompting me to start a
blog. I knew it was Him. One day I received this message online asking me to join a writing
network where you share how-to articles, experiences and tips, long story short I came up with
my second and only blog to date, JustNatonya​. I’m so proud of my work on here because it’s nothing but positivity and experiences. I get to communicate and share my fashion expertise.

My blog is everything fashion and lifestyle. Think of me as your online bestie or your ultimate
stylist who has all the fashion advice you need with a ton of lifestyle tips, beauty secrets and
male blogger fashion interviews to help you stay inspired.
My ultimate dream is to still work in the fashion industry. I’m hoping to launch my own magazine
and/or clothing line. I’m learning how to treat JustNatonya​ like a business. I’m consistent with
posting every M/W/F and respond to every comment and email I receive. I know that if I run my
blog like a magazine, it will eventually become a magazine. I am open to contributions if you
guys want to write for me​, just let me know.
Fashion is a passion of mine, I want to recharge the industry with the idea that style comes from
inner beauty. No trendy handbag or red bottom stiletto will make you fashionable, it’s all about
the confidence. The media tries to sell the idea that style comes from how much money you spend. I’m going to be the youan who brings back the focus on the woman as a person and not treat her like a product or cash cow.
Thank you so much for reading and learning more about my journey to the fashion industry
through blogging and writing.

Where to find Natonya:
Sheiconic Instagram

JustNatonya Instagram

JustNatonya Twitter

JustNatonya Blog

JustNatonya Pinterest


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23 thoughts on “Share Your Beautiful: JustNatonya

    1. No, thank you for letting us in to your story it is truly inspirational! Continue to break barriers and take over the industry it needs people like you.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve loved getting to know Natonya through her blog and social media. She sounds like such a positive and inspirational lady. This is such a great post, Natonya’s passion & determination really shines through and has a great attitude. I’m sure you will make it big in the fashion industry, keep up the great work girl. Thank you for sharing this, really enjoyed reading 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree! She is such an awesome person that I have enjoyed getting to know! Thank you for reading beautiful ❤


    1. Hi Soph!! This was my first guest post and I couldnt be more proud to share Natonyas story with you all, It truly is inspirational which is what the share your beautiful series is all about… bloggers inspiring bloggers with their stories. Thank you for reading beauty xx


    1. Hi Brynn! The fashion industry is very tough and I do feel as if more chances should be given to those who want it badly. Natonya really touched on some key points about trying to make it when no gives you the opportunity. Thank you for reading 🌻


    1. Hi Kat! I must agree that Natonya is such a loving soul! I am glad you loved the first post of the Share your beautiful series. Thank you for reading


    1. That was my purpose of creating this series so we all can be inspired and connect with one another. Some of us have similar stories and telling those stories may help someone dealing with the same situations. Thank you for reading beautiful 💜


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