My Mom Does My Makeup

Hi Beauties!

Before we jump into the fun I want to first introduce you to the woman who is responsible for bringing me into this world… My mommy!


My family knows little to nothing about makeup. I guess you could say I am the EXTRA one in the bunch that is crazy about all things fashion and beauty which is quite obvious. I have let a few people in my family attempt to do my makeup and each time it resulted in me looking like I had been beat up. It’s something about black eye shadows that instantly draws people in.

I wanted to make this post light-hearted and fun so I challenged my mom to do my makeup. She has watched me do my makeup countless times so I wanted to see if she has picked up any new techniques. Although she struggled with the placement of each product she didn’t do as bad as I expected her to.

With that being said here is my moms attempt at a “galaxy eye”


How do you guys think she did? Did she nail the look? Comment below.

Thank you mum for participating, I love you!

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Talk to you guys soon!


Erica Raquel




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