My Plans For The Future

They say you won’t have it all figured out in your 20’s and man were they right! I’m 23 years old and while I know the direction I want to head in I’m missing the map to guide me to my destination.

Fashion has and will always be at the forefront of my life in every way possible.

Being an undiscovered designer with no opportunities has really led me nowhere real fast but I’m not taking it as a loss. See, what I learned from my little experience in this industry is there is no real guidance along your journey and I’m sure the same system stands in other industries as well. This got me to thinking long and hard about how I can not only help myself but help others dealing with similar situations. Through all of my struggle everything in me desires to find ways to help other people become all they want to be. So I used that to draw up an idea that will bring the focus on all the talent going unnoticed in and around this industry. 

Grand ERA Magazine

A magazine that’s different from the others because it features those unnoticed artists that struggle to be seen because those who can help consider them to be unworthy. It’s not just about designers but artists of ALL kind. It is important to me to give artists a positive space with the ability to display their creativity in a way they’ve never been given before. 

If you are an artist (beauty, fashion, painter, writer, whatever you do that you want seen) and you want to help me help you become all we can be TOGETHER contact me. I will leave my info below. Lets make all of our dreams come true!

I hope you believe in this dream as much as I do!

You are worth becoming the best you!

For more information contact me at any of the sources below:




Whats something you want to do in your future? Comment below.

Talk to you guys soon!


Erica Raquel




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10 thoughts on “My Plans For The Future

      1. I completely agree! I always say as long as you’re trying your best with whatever you’re doing and you’re happy that’s all that matters!✨💕

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  1. I hope you all the best in your future. I mean I’m soon turning 26 and even though I have an education and a job I still dont know my dream. I’m happy with my job and all but sometimes I feel like I was meant for something bigger, if that makes sense xD

    All my luck wishes to you,

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  2. What an awesome idea! Your future is bright, Erica! And how very kind of you to bring others up with you. Keep pushing and working to your future goals. The fashion world will know your name soon enough!

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