3 Makeup Looks To Try This Fall

Makeup can be a big challenge to many people in a lot of different ways. Some don’t understand product placement or what each product is used for. I personally am still mastering my artist skills but they have drastically improved from where they once were. I am by no means a professional but I am an artist in my own right and enjoy creating looks.

As we all know, Fall/Autumn is approaching soon which is exciting to me given it is my favorite season and not just because of my birthday. It’s something about those beautiful leaves, thigh high boots and Halloween that sends me over the moon!

In honor of the incredible season approaching I decided to put together 3 makeup looks that gets you in the Autumn mood using reds, browns and even olives. Here are 3 makeup looks you must try this Autumn:

Look 1:

Look 2:

Look 3:

I marked the colors on the palette for each look so you guys can see what I used.

The pictures don’t do the looks any justice. Why is it so hard to capture makeup looks? It would be fun for you guys to re-create the looks with your own creative twist and send them to me on Twitter.

Which look is your favorite? Are you excited for Autumn? Comment below.

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Talk to you guys soon!


Erica Raquel


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