My September Goals

August is over, Summer is over, so whats next? Setting goals can be a hassle when some seem unrealistic or out of reach and that’s why I have began to set smart yet reachable goals.


Here are my goals for the month of September:

1. Being more active on Instagram: I’ve noticed that Instagram is one of the social media platforms that I don’t keep up with. I try to post pictures but then change my mind or I just completely forget so I am making it my goal to focus on Instagram a little more next month. Maybe I will get past the hundreds in follower count.

2. Double my blog views: My blog is like a roller coaster there are so many good days then it all falls. Not only am I making it my goal to increase my views but I would love to post more on my blog. I struggle sometimes on what I should/shouldn’t post.

3. Celebrate my 24th Birthday: Saying this sounds a bit absurd to many, “why would it be a goal to celebrate your birthday”? Well, I never want to celebrate my birthday because I always think of it as “why do I need to?”. This year, September 21,2018 I am turning 24 and I plan to actually acknowledge it because I kind of deserve it, don’t I?

3. Get rid of ALL negativity in my life: A lot can happen in very little time and I plan to take full advantage of that. The negative people/ things that haunt my life will be removed because I am claiming peace in not only September but the rest of 2018- forever.

4. Release my Ready to wear apparel: If you guys are unaware I’m a fashion designer when I’m not rambling here, fashion is my entire dream. I usually design gowns but I decided to switch it up and create a ready to wear collection. I don’t have a release date right now but it will be coming very, very soon and will be shipping internationally! I’m so excited!!!

These are just a few of my goals that I expect to crush next month.

What’s a goal of yours for September? Comment below!

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Talk to you beauties soon!


Erica Raquel

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26 thoughts on “My September Goals

  1. I find that I tend to drop off Instagram as well and I’m really trying to step it up this month and stick with it! Good luck with all your goals this month and I’m looking forward to seeing your Ready to Wear collection!

    Megan xx

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