Tadashi Shojis New York Fashion Show Proves He Is One Of The Greatest

After months of preparation, casting calls and setting the scene the time has come for the fashion industry to show out. Designers design, models model and influencers of all kind sit front row to experience the shows in all its glory. That’s right! New York Fashion Week has arrived!

New York Fashion week is just what it says a week full of fashion chaos filling the New York streets for an entire week. To many of you that may not seem like much but for me, being surrounded by fashion is all I ever dream of.

Although I couldn’t be there physically I didn’t let that stop me from getting all the tea from the most buzzed about shows. After a lot of research and watching the few live shows I could, I have rounded up my favorite moments from day one of New York Fashion Week.

Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi Shoji is one of the designers that have influenced the way that I design. His shows are filled with beautiful prints and fabrics stitched into these incredible pieces that leaves you wanting more. Over the years nothing has changed, his NYFW showcase this afternoon was everything I expected, absolute magic. With a celestial feel, the models graced the runway in embellished, dyed and ombre fabrics that lifted me out of this world.





Tom Ford

Tom Ford is known for his sleek and tailored suits for men and women alike. His showcase featured neutral tones, fringe and his signature tailored suits.






Nana Judy

Nana Judy brought street wear to the runway for their first US show featuring models like Shaun Ross and Winnie Harlow. Models took to the runway in metallic bombers, chain accents and a beautiful dalmatian pup in honor of their recent Disney collaboration.




That rounds up my NYFW day 1 recap of my favorites.

*Disclaimer: Photos in post are not my own*

If you could choose one look from above to wear for a special occasion which would it be? Comment below!

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Catch you guys tomorrow!


Erica Raquel





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