Prabal Gurungs Tibetan Themed New York Fashion Week Runway Show

Just as any fashion event, the clothing could be a hit or a miss which brought me to merging day four and five of New York Fashion Week together. The most amazing thing about fashion is that its an art form and each designer is inspired by something different. A collection I love may not be your style and that is okay because no one wants to see different designers create the same pieces.

Day four and five of New York Fashion Week didn’t deliver many collections that I loved but there were key collections that stood out to me. Here are my Favorite moments:

Day 4:

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung is becoming a favorite of mine! His modern style always makes a statement and stands for something. The setting of his NYFW SS’19 showcase diaplayed Tibetan prayer cloths strung from the ceiling which brought about his aesthetic for the show with bold prints and colorblocking.






Day 5:

Carolina Herrera

Although Carolina Herrera stepped down as creative director of her namesake brand, new creative director, Wes Gorson wasted no time bringing his vision of happy to the New York Fashion Week runway. Models wore bright colors, florals and longline blazers while still incorporating Herrera’s signature polka dots.






Bohemian-chic is the title I would place on Zimmermann’s NYFW SS’19 showcase. Taking us back in time with inspiration from the 70’s, Nicky Zimmermann included the shortest shorts and skirts while throwing in beautiful paisley prints and tons of applique.






Although there were many shows these were my favorites. That wraps up day four and five of New York Fashion Week.

Which 1 look from above would you want in your closet? Comment below.

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See you guys tomorrow!

Erica Raquel

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