Share Your Beautiful: Sam Comparone

Our stories are what makes us unique. We all serve a purpose in this world and being able to share our stories can help us all connect in ways deeper than a simple “Hi”. I created this Share Your Beautiful series for us to tell those stories in hopes that we may inspire one another.

Meet blogger, Sam Camparone.

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This is her beautiful:

It’s so incredibly easy to get discouraged. Maybe you’re not getting the views you want on your video, or the number of likes and follows you desire on your instagram pictures. I 100% can relate to this issue. Sometimes I feel like a marshmallow in a bowl of Lucky Charms. There are so many people using social media, blogging sites, and YouTube. It can get discouraging seeing content similar to yours and you might think to yourself: How do I stand out? How do I stay original? I get the overwhelming fear that who I am and what I do are simply not sufficient. It’s sad sometimes because I aspire to be above and beyond – not just good enough. I want to be special and stick out, but with so many people today using social media platforms, it’s difficult to stand out.

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For me, It also can be intimidating to see all these amazing posts and feel up to par. Is my content good enough? Am I good enough to be blogging? I ask myself these questions daily. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmingly insecure about who I am and my writing/blog. I always over think everything to the last detail. I want my work to be the best it possibly can. Over thinking, for me, becomes detrimental to my happiness. I think of all the possible ways I could make my work better, which is good. However, at the same time I think of all of the potential insults people can say about my work, and I worry if I’ve offended anyone. I review my work so much because people can critique every single thing you say. Needless to say, thicker skin is required for blogging and putting public content on the internet.

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So I’m telling myself …#1 that good things take time. Likes, comments, follows and attention won’t happen overnight. It takes time and perseverance, like it does for anything you really want.

#2 that if I stick to what I’m doing (staying true to myself) and am positive, things will be fine. I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction. I believe you can speak something into existence.

#3 to ignore the hate. Rarely I get negative messages or comments, but when I do It honestly does hurt a little bit. I’m a human being and I have feelings, but I also am a strong person who will not give up just because someone took time out of their day to direct negativity towards me. Just think – would YOU take time out of YOUR day to try to make someone – who did nothing to you – feel down and insecure?

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Tell these things to yourself, too! I know from personal experience that the more you tell yourself something, you believe it. You can believe your own lies you tell yourself: that you’re not good enough, that you’re ugly, that you’re not worthy.

Do you, for you!

This is your journey and that itself makes it unique. Own it!



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