How Oscar De La Renta Won The Final Day Of New York Fashion Week

The end of fashion week is here and there are a lot of trends to takeaway for the Spring/ Summer season of 2019. Some shows were incredible and a few were a bit questionable but the last few designers went out with a BANG!

Designer, Oscar De La Renta passed away in 2014 and the torch of creative director was passed onto Laura kim and Fernando Garcia. The two designers put a spin on the original Oscar De La Renta woman, incorporating a more relaxed yet modern vibe with a few of Oscar’s original styles.


Sally Lapointe kept a more monochromatic runway while still keeping pieces in her collection visually interesting. Fringe, vinyl and metallic plaids all played a role in creating this modern yet sleek show.


Naeem Khan has surely made his way onto my list of all time favorites. Bringing New York as he first saw it to life, his collection consisted of butterfly inspired tops, bold prints and bright colors.


New York Fashion Week may be over but fashion month surely is not! The fashion industry is headed to London to present more shows full of trends and jaw dropping designs.

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading all about New York Fashion Week because I have loved writing all about it!

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Until next time my darlings!

Erica Raquel

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