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We all have experiences that changes us as a person, some good and some bad. Whether it be a family member passing or a change in scenery, those things can determine our growth as individuals. This series is to help share our story so that it may touch someone or connect us with someone else with a similar story.

Meet lifestyle blogger, Liv


This is her beautiful:

My name is Liv, I’m 17 years old and currently studying law, business and sociology at college. I have always loved playing sports and at present I play lots of cricket.

During my 17 years I have been though quite a few challenging, times. When I was 13 I lost my grandma to cancer. I was extremely close with my grandma and was absolutely devastated at her passing. I would consistently cry myself to sleep for over a year about what had happened. I did not know how to grieve, as I was still quite young, and really struggled getting back on track.

About 3 years after my Grandma passed away, my dad had a mental breakdown. There was one instance where he was driving me home and we ended up going in the wrong direction. After asking him where we were going he stopped the car in the middle of the road and broke down crying and couldn’t move the car or even get his words out. Eventually I managed to calm him down and guide him home the right way and rung my mum panicking and crying my eyes out. Another time we were watching tv as a family and an advertisement came on which triggered him and set him off, I was so scared all I could think to do was run upstairs and grab a set of rosary beads that my grandma gave to me. I have never been overly religious but my grandma was and I desperately needed something to comfort me. Not long after this incident he was emitted to hospital where he stayed for just over a month on the mental health ward. It was really tough seeing my own father so Ill and struggling to do even the littlest of things. I tried to help him as much as I could but there were very few things I could do. After his stay in hospital he was in and out for about a year but now 3 years on he is on his road to recovery and continues to get better. He still has little blips where he starts to go downhill but the doctors told us it will take many years and he will be on medication for life. Me and my mum do our very best for him and I try to make him proud everyday.

In March this year I also lost my grandad and great auntie. I was extremely close with my great auntie as she lived just up the road from me, and so it really hit me hard when she passed away. It made it so much more difficult that I lost my grandad only a couple of weeks earlier which was also a tragic loss to the family. I still don’t believe that they’re gone and I don’t think I ever will.

As I grow up, I like to think of all the things that I’ve been through as a reminder that I’m stronger than I think and I can face any challenge head on.

I have plenty of memories with my loved ones and have little keepsakes that were once there’s all around my room. I have also found the most amazing boyfriend who has helped me through everything and he continues to make me happy every minute of every day the day.

Where to find Liv:

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Be sure to send Liv love and positivity as she continues her journey.

QOTD: What has happened in your life that changed you for the better?

Huge thank you to Liv for sharing her story!

Until next time my darlings!

Erica Raquel

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20 thoughts on “Share Your Beautiful: Livs Little Blog

  1. I lost my grandad last year and I was so close to him it completely broke my heart and I still miss him everyday. I’m so sorry to hear about Liv’s losses but she’s inspirational, I’ll make sure I check out her accounts!

    Jess //

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    1. Im sorry for your loss Jess! It really is hard to lose someone so close to you but its important that we continue with our heads held high and Liv is a perfect example of that.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s a good message though sad she had to go through what she did. I know it’s hard when you have a parent with mental health problems and also hard losing a grandparent. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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