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Often in our lives we cross paths with people who may or may not be there for the long haul, you know the saying “some relationships are either a blessing or a lesson”. Very rarely do you meet people who will make a positive impact in your life let alone become someone who you couldn’t imagine living without, that person/people can be a boyfriend/girlfriend or even a best friend.

Meet the beautiful women behind the blog, MyLifelines, Abby, Lauren & Jordan


This is their beautiful:

We are MyLifelines- made up of Jordan, Abby, and Lauren. We’re three best friends and have been for almost a decade now.

Sometimes when you’re at your lowest point, life gives you the people you need to get back up again. It just so happened to be each other.

Life was going well, we were all living our best high school lives (however good that can be, right?), blissfully unaware that life was about to hit us all in the face at the same time.

We were planning for our first vacation as friends to the beautiful state of Maine, which included a long drive and a week-long stay in an otherwise empty relative’s house. It sounds like the beginning of any teen movie, but it ended up meaning so much more than that. This was the trip that started the next almost ten years of friendship… and set it in concrete.


The trip hit right around the time life started to go south for the three of us. Long story short, we were learning really fast that life isn’t fair and the boys you think are on your side sometimes really really suck. It’s almost as if everyone in our personal lives created a group chat to collaborate on the best time to disappoint us. At a point in which all of us felt so low, the best we could do was focus all of our energy into lifting each other up.

In that Maine week, we cried, ate too many gummies, impersonated Augustus Waters and found a way to lift each other up. It became clear that the Sex and the City quote had some truth to it:

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

The theme of empowering each other and lifting each other up despite many, many future obstacles still remains strong. We were lucky enough to find each other when we needed it most. We made each other feel worthy, beautiful, and confident when alone it would’ve been a much more difficult process.

We’re so lucky for our friendship and, in an effort to pay it forward, we started a blog together. The blog strives to provide a lifeline (see what we did there?) to those that might not have found their tribe of supporters yet or need more support. We want to extend our circle of friendship to any readers that are kind enough to visit our site.


After all, friendship is a wonderful thing and in that is where the three of us find our beautiful.

Where to find Abby, Lauren & Jordan:

Website –

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Be sure to go send these incredible women love and support through their blogging journey.

Thank you ladies for participating in this series and giving us a glimpse into your inspirational friendship.

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Until next time my darlings!

Erica Raquel

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