Share Your Beautiful: YourHealthStina

The way we live daily sets us up for the next chapter in our lives. Our health plays a major role in how we will live not only the next day but as our lives progress which is why it’s so important to be aware of what we eat.

Meet Christina, health and lifestyle blogger over at Yourhealthstina.

This is her beautiful:

Hey, let me start by introducing you to who I am. My name is Christina and I am a British health and lifestyle blogger that lives just outside of London in Surrey.

So what brought me to blogging?
Having grown up on a diet where I wasn’t introduced to eating any red meats and additionally having a Dad who likes to keep healthy, this made me really aware of various diets out there and gave me an interest in eating a healthy diet.

I have always preferred savory over sweet and I was never in to eating sweeties as a child, instead I enjoyed seafood, salads, eating whole lemons and chilli peppers.

When I was 16/17 years of age and studying at school for exams, I began to start suffering with panic attacks, which constantly made me feel weak, sick and ill. I was always wondering what could be wrong with me, and got freaked out over everything.
Having panic attacks made every day a struggle, as my attacks were constant and I never felt myself.
I lost my appetite and started losing weight, my weight dropped quite a bit and all my bones were rather prominent.
The stress of school exams, school friendships and my Grandad’s death were all too much for me to cope with. I luckily had a very supportive family who really cared and helped me to feel comforted.

I met my first ever boyfriend online when I was 17, a few months later at Christmas we got engaged. We lived a long distance relationship for around a year until I moved out from home when I was 18 to move abroad to Vienna to live with him.

Meeting my boyfriend really helped me to get stronger, feel better and I started overcoming my panic attacks.

I became pescatarian when I was living out in Vienna and I created a Facebook page to share my health related interests.

Although I had a very tough time struggling with bad panic attacks for quite a while I feel that everything I have been through has made me the person I am today.

I set up a health and lifestyle blog to share my health journey, my interests in a healthy diet, my holidays abroad and anything else that keeps me going.

I am really enjoying blogging and I hope I can help others who are perhaps going through something similar to what I did or who would like some health and lifestyle encouragement and inspiration.

Where to find Christina:


Thank you to Christina for using her story to inspire others daily!

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Until next time my darlings!

Erica Raquel

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