Has Fenty Beauty Created The Best Highlighter Palette For All Skin Tones?

Highlighting is my favorite part of my makeup routine, it’s the step where I can embellish my face and shine as bright as I want to! Finding the right shades that perfectly go with your skin tone can be the tricky part to the perfect highlight.

My favorite makeup brand, Fenty Beauty recently released this incredible palette with 7 shades of different highlight colors and it is my new holy grail. My favorite thing about Fenty Beauty is the range in skin tones and how all products are shown on different skin tones to show how it pairs before you make the purchase.

This chill owt palette features the shades


All packed in with glitter and will have your highlight seen from space and that’s my kind of shine! If you don’t already know Fenty Beauty is the brand to look for to take your look to the next level with shades no other brand bothers to feature in their collections. We all know Rihanna is the queen of risk and she does it so well.

While some of the shades in this palette are a bit different from your normal highlight, I do suggest getting out of your comfort zone!

The palette is $58, with huge pan sizes and a big mirror included. I am beyond pleased with the payoff, how long the product lasts and that a little goes a long way.

OH! Let me not forget that this product can be used on your cheeks, eyes and body! So you are getting an amazing product with insane versatility and quality!

QOTD: Which color is your favorite from this palette?

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23 thoughts on “Has Fenty Beauty Created The Best Highlighter Palette For All Skin Tones?

  1. This is such a gorgeous palette! I love glittery highlighters that are a little more out of the box from the typical shades! Thanks for sharing your review! 🙂

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  2. Jeeeez 😍 I’ve always wanted to try Fenty beauty but I’ve always been scared of the price. I’m not massive on make up, so I don’t think I would buy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love looking at it!! That packaging is so stunning too.

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  3. The bronzey shades would be perfect for the eyes (the blue too, although I think it might be a bit too sheer). I’m def. not confident enough (and probably have the wrong skin tone) to rock a blue or super white highlighter lol
    But I know that’s the whole Fenty Beauty philosophy and I respect the brand for that. They have the balls to create makeup that is different, edgy and will cater to everyone in whichever way they please to use.
    I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up the foundation though, do you have it as well?


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    1. The blue shade only needs about 2 layers for intense color and I’m sure it would look amazing on you! I haven’t picked up the foundation yet because I don’t really use foundation but I’m going to give it a try because I have heard nothing but incredible things about it!

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