4 Ways To Update Your Style For The New Year

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We all need a fresh update after so long. That could mean getting a new hair cut or color or just switching up your style. For me, my style changes with the wind. One minute I could be in love with a piece and the next I’m over it which helps me bring more versatility to my style. Not everyone is like this so I decided to help those of you wanting to add something different to your style out. Here are 4 ways to update your style:

1. Adding pops of color: Getting into color can be scary, especially if you are a lover of black everything or think that you wouldn’t look good in color. I always suggest trying different colors on your skin tone and see what works best. Skin tone is just that, it shouldn’t restrict you from trying different things. Here are a few pops of color to add to your closet immediately:

A versatile pop of color in a simple bodysuit or top (click picture for product detail)

A pop of color in a basic jean (click picture for product detail)

2) Including Patterns: Styling patterns is a bit harder than color. On top of the style there are many different patterns to choose from like; stripes, cheetah print, Snake skin, etc. But the popular question is how do I style these insane patterns to flow seamlessly? Here is how to style patterns:

Mini flare cheetah skirt can easily pair with a crop sweater and thigh highs or an ankle boot to give the appearance of longer legs (click picture for product detail)

Pair a snakeskin bodysuit with a black pant/jean for a sleek and edgy style! (Click picture for product detail)

3. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone: we get so comfortable with the way that we dress after so long it becomes too consistent and not fun to get dress anymore. While we don’t have to follow every new trend, the fun of fashion is that you can pick which new trend you want to try to push your style to new heights. The best fashion advice is to just go for It, that’s when the happy accidents happen!

4. Mix and Match Styles: It is not a fashion rule to stick to one style. You can mix an edgy style with a bit of glam. Like with makeup and art in general it’s all about making one piece compliment the other to make one look, look as if it belongs. Like Tim Gunn always says, “Make It Work”! Heres how to mix and match the edgy, glam style and make it work:

A versatile bike jacket (click picture for product detail)
A burgundy velvet dress (Click picture for product detail)
An open toe shoe with a chunky heel for comfort (click picture for product detail)

The perfect black lip will tie together this edgy, glam styled look.

These are just a few ways to update your current style and bring a little more umph to your wardrobe.

QOTD: How would you describe your style?

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Until Next Time My Darlings,

Erica Raquel


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24 thoughts on “4 Ways To Update Your Style For The New Year

  1. I have no idea how I would describe my style but I am actually looking to switxh it up a bit! I feel like I need to not be afraid to come out of my comfort zone, hopefully it’ll come in the new year! Thank you for the inspiration!

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  2. This is such an interesting question to pose because I had a dream where I described my style to someone and I called it “rustic comfort” lol. I wear a lot of sweaters and plaids with jeans, boots, and leggings. I am venturing into the adult working world soon where I will have to wear more businesslike appropriate attire so I’m working on integrating my wardrobe lol

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  3. These are all very nice suggestions. I love the red top and the leather jacket. My style: I’m very minimalistic: greys and blacks, tops and jeans but now and then I like to dress up.
    Xoxo| faithnturtles

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Erica!

    I am loving that burgundy color and that dress. I can’t wait to add more animal print to my wardrobe as well! I went out of my comfort zone and purchased a yellow pair of flats–rare for me lol. I’m usually in all things black! Can’t wait to rock them at our Christmas party this year!


    Liked by 1 person

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