Share Your Beautiful: Simply Katricia

Share your beautiful is about displaying you are as a creator and a human being. Write about what you do, how you have overcome things that has tried to stop you from blossoming, and what you have learned through the process. We are using this series to promote you/your brand while uplifting the next blogger and everyday readers.

Meet Katricia, A beautiful lifestyle blogger from New York!


This is her beautiful:

When simply katricia was born, it was a result of a divorce from a shared blog. Like Tina Turner, I left with nothing but my name – which is mine. A rebirth of a space for me to identify and share my likes and dislikes in the areas of interest. Allowing me to freely enjoy my natural highlights of life without resentment, ridicule, or judgement of why. No one to answer to or compare to but the person I was yesterday.

I’ve never been alone. I grew up sharing. As the middle child of five, I shared a room with my younger brother and then years later, my sister. I shared friends. I now share a home with a man and a child. I share an existence in this world with others, but never being alone or having something only for me. More than one person has critiqued my personality by “it’s not about you”, not realizing unconsciously, it’s never about me. Just my way to relate to the situation at the time.

I named the blog section of simply katricia, thoughts. We all have thoughts. Mine speak clearer than the words that come from my lips. While in my own thoughts, I am starting to really examine what I truly like and don’t like about myself, and those around me through this portal of writing. These highlights create blog posts for entertainment and my release of emotion. I’ve so far learned that through my monthly newsletters, I have influenced at least one person to investigate themselves. Challenge questions to encourage a change in what they do and don’t do and how they can improve. I not only challenge myself, but I also want to challenge others.

Within simply katricia, I’ve learned that I enjoy writing about aspects that impact me. With that being said, I utilize this platform to be able to say what I want without any judgement or uneducated opinion. I enjoy celebrating women, life, health and wellness, natural hair and products related to natural hair and body care. I enjoy learning about other people in this blogging space and having them enter a small piece of my existence as well.

You can find simply katricia at:

Blog –

Instagram – /simplykatricia

Facebook – /simplykatricia

Twitter – /simplykatricia

Pinterest – /simplykatricia

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Until Next Time My Darlings,

Erica Raquel

13 thoughts on “Share Your Beautiful: Simply Katricia

  1. Wow! Just fell in love with another blogger! Katricia, you write so beautifully! I am so excited that you embarked on this journey alone. I am loving my me time and figuring out who I am. It is definitely an ongoing process, but it is one that I am having a blast with! Thank you for sharing your beautiful!! ❤

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