3 Super Easy Ways To Get The Perfect Natural Skin Makeup Look Without Using Foundation

From the time I began doing makeup foundation had always been the most difficult part to grasp for me! I had problems finding my correct shade or a foundation suitable for my combination skin.

I tried a plethora of drug store brands in hopes to find the perfect shade and feel to me and my skin and was always left with no results.

Although it took several years, I have found a solution for the perfectly smooth and natural “foundation” routine that doesn’t involve foundation at all. This is the routine that works for me and my skin and may not work for everyone.

Every good routine starts with a fresh face! This includes the perfect primer. I use three pumps of the Fenty Beauty Pro’Filtr Primer. Not only is this primer moisturizing it helps to cover up pores and makes your skin feel super hydrated. I use three pumps for extra hydration because my skin will absorb it all very quickly.

I then move on to color correcting, I don’t have many dark spots to cover but color correcting is not only to cover any spots but fix any uneven tones in your skin. I use this NYX Conceal, Correct, Contour palette to help accomplish the tedious task of evening my skin tone. I mix the yellow and orange tone, apply to necessary areas and blend out with my finger. I know that sounds crazy but sometimes with makeup your finger can help achieve a better look than a brush can. If you are trying this on someone else please use a brush, using your finger is unsanitary.

For my “foundation” I only use one trusty product that has been around for quite some time. An OG product! The L.A Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal concealer. If you are not familiar with this product you are missing out! Not only is this concealer super affordable, it is a product you can rely on to cover and fix your little imperfections while leaving a professional finish. I use this little tube of perfection as my foundation! I apply this all over and blend it out and down my neck. It leaves me with a lightweight feel on my face, has a color that matches my skin tone and helps me achieve the perfect “foundation” look! You can find this online and in some drug stores.

Lastly, I complete my makeup routine, apply a ton of highlighter and drown my face with setting spray . This routine makes me feel super glam and gives me a beat face!

Makeup can be a lot but it’s about having fun! Please remember that makeup doesn’t enhance you, the purpose is to make you feel good but you don’t need It! It needs you! You are beautiful and so are your imperfections, don’t cover them to hide who you are but embrace them and use makeup to add on to your already beautiful face!

Love you for you!

Until next time my darlings,

Erica Raquel

15 thoughts on “3 Super Easy Ways To Get The Perfect Natural Skin Makeup Look Without Using Foundation

  1. I didn’t know Fenty Beauty’s primer was hydrating, I knew it was good to fill in pores though! I am impressed, definitely gonna check it out! Very nice post, I love not wearing foundation actually!!

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  2. I feel like my skin always looks so fresh and healthy when I only use concealer! Plus, it lets my freckles shine through… however, 90% off the time, my skin tone is just too uneven to get away with this on the daily!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com x

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    1. Hi Katie! I can understand, before I used only concealer and you could still see the uneven parts of my skin but that’s why I started incorporating color correcting and it gave me better results.


  3. You look amazing and this routine clearly works wonderfully on your skin – I’m so jel, I’d love to have your skin lol. I really love my foundations but this routine has shown me that you clearly don’t need it to get flawless skin. I’ll have to try your steps out for myself – thanks for sharing!

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    1. The number one reason I stopped wearing foundation is because of how it makes my skin feel but I will say that this routine helps me get an even and full coverage finish. You should definitely try it out and see how it works for You! I would love to see That! 💛


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