Answering The Hard Questions About The Beauty World

As someone who has been deep diving into the makeup world for years, I can say there are many questions I’ve had that have been left unanswered. In the beginning of my makeup journey I would always turn to the YouTube beauty community who was then not as big as it is now and definitely not as messy… but anyway… there were things that I didn’t understand from basic eyelash application all the way to wondering if a certain step in a makeup routine is necessary for me.

I am no makeup guru but I am someone who has put a lot of time and energy into makeup and have picked up a few things along the way. Due to all of my earlier unanswered questions about the beauty world I asked you guys on Twitter what questions YOU had!

Lets get to the bottom of things together and try to answer a lot of unanswered questions you just need to know!

1.My little brother asked: “Whats shade matching?”

A: shade matching is the process you go through to find the correct foundation/concealer shade for your skin tone. Its like finding the perfect red to match with a pair of red shoes you already own. A hard process but you will look amaze in the end!

2. Connie asked: Why is there a lack of representation of people who love more dark/edgy makeup? and why is the vast numbers of people afraid of bold looks?

A: There is a lack of representation for so many people/ things these days but I do believe the doors are opening up in some cases. But, If you don’t see the representation, be the representation! Show them how its done! Also I am starting to see more people become more open to bold colors like blacks, greens, blues, etc. but there are still people that are afraid to try something new and instantly think a color wont look good on them. With everything you wear, you must wear confidence… It brings it all together.

3. Nova asked: Why on earth is powdered contour products produced?! I’m a cream\liquid girl, all day!!

A: A lot of people have super oily skin and putting too many creams on oily skin can instantly result in disaster. I think that with every cream product there should be a powder product to help set in the cream if that’s what you decide to use. That helps guarantee your makeup to stay all day!

4. ThoughtsWithN AKA Natasha asked: Contouring?

A: Contouring is to help with adding of definition and help slim certain areas. For me I don’t like my nose but I am not brave enough or crazy enough to go get surgery so when I want my nose to appear smaller, I contour. The key to perfect contour is finding the shade that suitable with your skin tone and wont make you look as if you’ve wiped dirt on your face.

5. Ashlee Nicole asked: I need a skin care routine. Cleanser, morning and night time routine, what should I use? I don’t know if I need an exfoliator or what I need. I have combination skin.

A: I ONLY use natural products for my skin! I use a bentonite clay mask which helps to exfoliate my skin. I don’t believe in piling up product on your face because too many different formulas can clog your pores and potentially cause harm to your skin. On top of my mask I use a rosewater toner and for moisturizing I use a very small amount of shea butter. I have combination skin as well but before trying someone elses routine I suggest trying different products to find that works best for you.

6. Jackie asked: How to tell if foundation is oxidizing!

A: Usually when your foundation begins to look darker or more orange you can tell its oxidizing.

Although makeup and beauty can be a lot to wrap your head around, it is a really fun way to play with your look by changing up lip and eye colors or just using your face as a full canvas. All forms of art can be interpreted in several ways so don’t think you are incapable of being good at makeup. After all beauty is different for us all!QOTD: What would you guys say is the hardest part of your makeup routine?

Thank you guys for sticking with me while I’ve been on a short blogging break, Im back and going to try my best to bring fun beauty/ Fashion content.

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Until Next time My Darlings,

Erica Raquel


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