Everyday Women Show How They Embrace Personal Style In A “What’s Trending” World

Everyday, we are being told what is trendy and how we should dress but that is NOT what fashion was built on! Fashion was built on the idea that we as individuals have our own unique style. Following trends is perfectly fine however that shouldn’t makeup who we are as people. Given our current society and how we rely on social media for inspiration it is vital that we are shown real bodies and a variety of sizes, I talked about this in an earlier post (click here to check it out).

For me, style has always been an expression of how I’m feeling that day or a mixture of a few different styles that all compliment who I am. As a fashion enthusiast/ designer, I love getting to know people and how they describe their style. This inspired me to take to Twitter to ask you guys how you describe your style and to share a picture of one of your favorite style moments.

Felicia Monique

Style means embracing trends while making them your own!


A comfortable outfit that made a statement with contrasting coral, black, and white.Comfort should never be sacrificed for beauty, and this outfit got me a lot of compliments while also remaining enjoyable to wear throughout the day.


I think I would say that style helps to lift a person and give them confidence to “walk the walk”. Works for me anyway!


This was me out out in January…. My dress is actually a flannel nightshirt 😂 I wasn’t comfortable in any of my other clothes and this actually kept me warm af out in the cold


for me, style is saying who you are without words, telling a silent story. My style is always changing because I like to try new things, I guess I’m moody


I veer between ‘sensible classic’ and ‘totally inappropriate for your age, you’re in your forties, for God’s sake, what are you wearing’… It’s a fine balance, but I think I am getting away with it

Real girls wobble

I wear suits to work so I love slipping on a strappy dress and wedges on the weekend in the summer and a jumper dress and boots in the winter

For those who feel as if they don’t know much about fashion just remember that fashion is YOU! Use clothing to express yourself! Never let a trend or a social media star determine how you should express yourself. Your style, your life, you’re beautiful! Wear your clothes with confidence and use these streets as your runway!

QOTD: How do you describe your style? Leave a comment below!

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Until Next time my darlings,

Erica Raquel


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11 thoughts on “Everyday Women Show How They Embrace Personal Style In A “What’s Trending” World

    1. Hi Emily!! Thank you so much! I absolutely love being able to view style from different perspectives! Thank you so much for reading darling! 💛


  1. This is so true! It can be hard to not get caught up in the lasted trend and fast fashion. Recently I have been buying more expensive essential pieces from brands that offer quality clothing. It completely changed my outlook on fashion and I feel more confident wearing clothes that fit better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Confidence is the #1 thing that matters when dressing. It’s all about feeling the best you can not following what others are wearing. Thank you so much for reading! 💛


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