The New Formal Wear Fashion Trend That Will Command A Room At Any Special Occasion

Over several years the term formal wear has evolved. Formal wear began by accentuating a woman’s figure in dresses with thin waist lines and big skirts. Of course before that, during the Victorian age, women wore dresses with several layers of fabric over a hoop skirt and petticoat. As time went on the dresses became more and more figure fitting but the love of lace and embroidery have forever remained.

Fashion is a constant wave of trends that were once popular becoming popular all over again. A few good examples of that would be door knocker earrings, cropped shorts and wearing thin strapped slip dresses over a basic tee. These styles have made their way right back into our lives all of these years later. Just as these styles have, dresses that accentuate every curve with a side slit has quickly made its way back onto the scene. You’ve seen Beyonce, Selena Gomez and even J-LO wearing this style of slit on the red carpet.

Bold solid colors although they’ve never left, are making a huge wave for 2020 fashions like this dress from Badgley Mischka’s NYFW S/S 2020 collection which you can view here.

Always being my favorite to design, formal wear has been my main focus. After trial and error I created a piece that covers the perfect go-to for any woman with any figure. Not only is this dress made of a beautiful stretch material that snaps into place which makes it easy to accentuate the curves. The side slit adds an extra touch of sexy that takes it right over the top.

Being a versatile color, purple is great against any skin tone and can easily be paired with the brightest colors like a red lip or a shoe of another bold color. The versatility of this dress is my favorite part because it can be a perfect dress for bridesmaids, you can wear this to a wedding as a guest or you can pop it on for an upscale date night with your significant other. It’s everything you need to have every eye in the room on you!

Get this look for only $85+ shipping. It will be custom made to your exact size, so measurements are necessary!

Interested? All you have to do is email with your measurements/sizing.

Question: What would be your ideal place to wear this? Set a scene!

Looking for a more casual piece for your closet? Click here!

Until Next Time My Darlings,

Erica Raquel

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