The Ultimate Guide For Saving Money On Your Last Minute Christmas Gift Shopping

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Gift giving is one of the hardest tasks one can take on around the holidays. Very few times do you come across someone who possesses a list of items they’ve been eyeing which causes us to figure it out on our own.

A great gift begins with focusing on the persons like/dislikes, their needs as well as what they desire to achieve in their career. But what happens when you’re still at a lost for ideas and have little time left to buy? Begin scouring the internet for ideas and quick shipment methods without a high price tag! My go to sites to get the most for my money is Rakuten and Amazon.


You’ve seen me talk about how amazing Rakuten is, but if you aren’t aware its one of my favorites because they divide things up into categories which helps to narrow down exactly what you are looking for.

Categories on the Rakuten App

Here’s How it Works:

1. Download the app or go to the site.
2. Tap the menu and click on categories.
3. Select the category that best fits the person you’re looking for.
(There’s also a specific category for gifts!)

From there it will show you store’s applicable to what you’re seeking for and the percentage of cash back you can receive just from shopping at those stores. I don’t know about you guys but being able to make money back from shopping I already need to do is something I’m into! Rakuten will also show you all valid coupon codes you can use within each store.

Health and Beauty Stores in Rakuten

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Amazon is a site we’ve all grown to shop at frequently and love! But not many know how to get the best items for great prices. I use Amazon everyday! Yes, every day! It is the best place to shop to discover high quality affordable gifts. Personally, I’ve purchased Makeup, makeup brushes, technology, clothing, accessories, etc. from Amazon.

One of the most beneficial features that Amazon has is Amazon Prime which is perfect for us last minute shoppers because it guarantees us free two-day shipping on a unlimited number of products. This makes it easy for us to find the ultimate gift and receive it before its time to exchange gifts with our family and friends.

Try Amazon Prime for 30 days for FREE and receive your packages faster!

Need help finding a few last minute gifts that you can before Christmas officially arrives? Here are some last minute ideas:

For The Lover Of Cozy Things

For The Beauty Lover

For The Technology Lover

Use your 30 day FREE Amazon Prime trial On all of these items above and receive your gifts in an instant!

Extra Tip: Use Rakuten to get cashback on your Amazon purchases + Get $10 on me Today!

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