The New #1 Way To Advertise Your Small Business In The New Year

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that the number one thing I inspire others to do is to create the opportunities others won’t provide them! This has become my motto for enduring this life because I’ve noticed that successful people rarely give you the chance to prove yourself. This urged me to develop something that would not only bring my creative vision to life but to give others the rare opportunities no one else will.

This is how I accomplished my long dream of having my own magazine!

There are so many small businesses, writers, artists, designers and models that will never get the chance to be seen because they don’t fit what most companies would consider worthy. This is how my dream came about!

When I was a young girl reaching out to people to model for them or design for them I never got the chance to. At this point in my life, I’ve accepted that maybe those opportunities weren’t for me until I began to see a pattern. I wasn’t being chosen so I decided to choose myself and other dreamers just like me.

Dreamers are those with passions, desires and visions not many can see. Those who work hard and go after goals on their own when no one else gives them the opportunity.

My number one goal is to give everyone an opportunity and a chance to be seen!

Grand ERA Magazine is not just for me but for everyone like me with hopes, desires and ambition. Going into 2020 with the mindset that nothing is impossible because if you can reach out to someone else for an ad space for your business, you can always count on Grand ERA Magazine!

Grand ERA magazine Jan. 2020

This issue is filled with amazing articles from dreamers and ads from incredible small businesses! Find something you like? Shop with the advertised small businesses on the spot!

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Grand ERA Magazine- Issue 1

The interactive digital magazine for fashion addicts, small businesses and artists of all kind!


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4 thoughts on “The New #1 Way To Advertise Your Small Business In The New Year

    1. Thank you so much! It’s really important to me that I not only make a way for myself but for others. That feeling of not being seen really gets you down so I want to help anyone I Can!


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