5 Easy Steps To Measuring Your Body For The Perfect Fit Clothing Using A Measuring Tape

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Have you ever found yourself flipping through a rack of clothes attempting to find your size? Or wasn’t sure of what size to get while online shopping? This I can relate to! The number one problem I’ve had since I was twelve years old was finding the perfect sized jeans, skirt and sometimes even a dress. My hips being bigger than my waist, even at a young age, forced me to put more holes in my belts to help my pants fit better. It was the most annoying thing EVER!

It wasn’t until I began making my own clothing that I had clothes that fit my frame perfectly!

So, how do you know what size is best for your body, especially when shopping online?

Those handy-dandy size charts that you see on every clothing site!

As a fashion designer, I can’t stress enough how important it is to know your measurements. Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself “how do I find my measurements?

It’s super easy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A close friend/family member to take your measurements for you
2. A measuring tape (you can find these at your local dollar store, Walmart in the sewing aisle or you can get this super inexpensive one from the comfort of your own home.)
3. Your body


Measurements you NEED to know:

  1. Your bust
  2. Your waist
  3. Your hips
  4. Your arm circumference & length (for sleeves)

How To Measure:

  1. Your Bust: The easiest way to measure your bust is to know what size bra you wear. For example: I wear a 34, so I know that my bust measurement is 34 inches.
How to measure your bust

2. Your Waist: IMPORTANT NOTE!!! YOUR WAIST IS NOT AT YOUR LOWER ABDOMEN!!! To measure your waist, your family member/friend will stretch the measuring tape around the center of your abdomen. Begin at the first notch on the measuring tape then bring around your waist until it reaches all the way around your waist. The number that the first notch meets is your waist size.

How to measure your waist

3. Your Hips: Have your friend/family member wrap the measuring tape around the middle of your butt, and follow the same instructions as your waist to get your hip size.

How to measure your hips

4. Your Arm circumference: Using the same method as your hips and waist, have your friend/family member wrap the measuring tape around your upper arm (the thickest part of your arm).

How to measure your arm circcumference

5. Your Arm Length: This is pretty simple! Take the measuring tape (keeping it straight) from the top of your shoulder all the way down to the tip-top of your hand.

How to measure your arm length

Knowing these numbers are vital to making sure your clothing fits your body the way they should!

You’ll never have to worry about clothing being too big or small ever again!

See the perfect fit custom skirt I made for Jenni just by using her measurements!

Housewife hustle in snake skin skirt made by Grand ERA, Inc.

Get one of your own or another custom piece made just for you!

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2 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps To Measuring Your Body For The Perfect Fit Clothing Using A Measuring Tape

  1. The only reason I knew how to measure myself was because I used to cosplay. My favorite was dressing up as Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon.
    That skirt is still one if my most treasured pieces of clothing, so thank you for creating it!! Also, sending this to my friends who need help with measurements!

    Liked by 1 person

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