A Beginners Guide To Overcoming The Affects Of Childhood Trauma And How You Can Work On It Everyday

Traumatic experiences from our childhood has shaped us into the adults we are today. We deal with sadness, loneliness, depression and even anxiety due to these experiences. How do we overcome these traumas so we aren’t holding on to the pain for the rest of our lives?

While there are many ways to confront our past, the most important way is to do the work.

This work can include going to therapy, confronting those who have hurt you or even writing it out.

Each of these are great ways to begin your healing journey, but why?

Going To Therapy

Therapy is a great way to feel safe if you don’t have a close family member to talk to. A lot of people may believe that therapy doesn’t work but its like venting to a friend. When something happens to you, the first person you call is your best friend to tell them about it. Being able to vent makes you feel as if that anger or frustration is gone. This is why therapy is great for those who don’t have anyone to turn to about their traumatic experiences. That opportunity to pour out your pain will go from a nightmare to the greatest decision you’ve made. Find a therapist, a friend, etc. that you feel comfortable with sharing your hurt.

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Confronting Those Who Hurt You

Confronting the people that have hurt you can be one of the greatest reliefs you’ll ever feel. But there is more that goes into it than wanting to find that person and telling them the pain they’ve caused you. Before doing this, you have to heal yourself mentally. While that pain will never go away, going into a conversation with anger will lead to trouble. So, clear your heart of any anger you have towards this person before proceeding to talk to them. This doesn’t mean you won’t still be in pain or even ready to fight but your mind will be able to make a conscious decision.

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Write It Out

Writing it all out is another great way to release that pain and anger you’ve held on to. When I was a little girl, I went through so much hurt and having no one to talk to led me to pouring my pain into writing. I wrote down how I felt, who caused these feelings and how I can move on from those feelings. This was a lot to deal with at such a young age but I got it out. If you are afraid to see a therapist or have no one to talk your problems out with then turn to pen and paper. The best thing for you to do after crying over those words and smearing the ink is to burn those feelings. While this won’t cure the pain it will give you a sense of relief.

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Working through our trauma will never be easy. There are going to be several steps that may take years. But, be willing to make it past the past so you can have a better future.

Hanging on to that pain only stops you from being able to move forward. So, whatever you do be willing to do the work.


What are some things you’re doing to make it through your childhood trauma?

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