Bare & Free Beauty Vegan Skin Care Review

As an entrepreneur/small business owner it is hard to make it in a world where popularity rules all. Unfortunately, there are so many small businesses that go unsupported even if their product is worth it.

It’s important to me to show support and love to small businesses which pushed me to want to create a way for small businesses to be seen, so I created Grand ERA Magazine and in the first issue gave all of the small businesses featured, free ad space. One of the incredible businesses that was featured was Bare & Free Beauty.

Bare and Free Beauty is a cruelty free, vegan skincare brand created by Alanna Paige. After seeing the hard work and love that is poured into her products I knew I had to try it for myself.

I am very picky with products that I use on my skin but I bit the bullet and went for it since it is Paraben free, vegan, gluten free, silicone free, Eco friendly, carcinogen free, etc.

Bare & Free Vegan skincare Detoxifying Charcoal mask

I wanted to purchase something I knew I would get good use out of so I chose the detoxifying charcoal mask. The detoxifying charcoal mask is made with activated charcoal and Kaolin clay. Activated Charcoal assists in removing toxins while Kaolin clay eliminates excess oils in the skin. On top of it being made with incredible ingredients, it smells heavenly!


Trying on Bare & Free Beauty vegan skincare

The directions says to apply to clean skin and leave for 10-20 minutes. Once complete rinse thoroughly with warm water.

After rinsing the mask my skin felt hydrated and smooth! I love masks that tighten your face, like a temporary face lift. Not only does my face feel refresh, but it appears brighter. After trying this a few times, I will incorporate it into my normal skincare routine.

You can shop Bare & Free Beauty here!

Please remember that small businesses deserve the same love we give to big corporations and other established companies. Show your support to those who have the guts and desires to run their own business! It’s not easy!


Whats your favorite small businesses to shop from? Leave their links so others can check them out!

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