Reviewing Juvia’s Place #1 Makeup Palettes

Makeup is a product that I hate to love to buy! Not because I don’t love makeup but because it can instantly break the bank. When I first began doing makeup, I started out with a super affordable brand with lower quality products. Today more brands have come about with affordable products and amazing quality. One of those brands that I’ve recently stumbled upon is Juvia’s Place.

Juvia’s Place is a popular brand that several celebs, MUA’s, beauty guru’s swear by. I am a try for myself person, so when I saw that the prices weren’t that bad on their site I had to try them out.

Over the years I have had a big problem finding pigmented palettes that aren’t sixty dollars for a single palette. So, Juvia’s Place was perfect for me!

Juvia's Place Zulu Palette
Juvia's Place Zulu Palette

The first palette that I purchased was the Zulu palette. This palette includes nine shades including three metallic shades. The shadows included in this palette have high pigmentation, smooth and even application. After trying brands with the same price points, I am extremely impressed and excited to have found Juvia’s Place. The pigmentation is comparable to makeup brands with higher price points.

The Second palette that I purchased was The Berries mini palette. This palette is different berry toned shades, hints the name of the palette. The Berries palette includes six shades including two metallic shades. Every shade is highly pigmented, and the pans are a great size for the price.

Zulu Palette Swatches

*These swatches were done without any eye shadow base or primer*

Juvia's Place Zulu Palette swatches
Juvia's Place Zulu Palette swatches

The Berries Palette

*These swatches were done without any eye shadow base or primer*

Juvia's Place The berries palette swatches
Juvia's Place The Berries Palette swatches

Juvia’s Place will come to be one of my go-to brands for excellent quality for great prices. I can’t wait to purchase more from Juvia’s Place.

I also used these palettes for a Get Ready With Me video that I filmed for my YouTube channel!!

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