Grand ERA, Inc. Custom Pieces

Grand ERA


How do I get the measurements I need for my custom piece?

You will need a tape measure and someone to help you measure certain parts. Use the graphic below for reference.

How long will it take for my piece to be created?

Depending on what it is you purchased you can expect your piece to be created within 1-4 weeks. Most casual pieces will take a week or less while more formal pieces will take longer. You will be frequently updated via email on the status of your piece during the process.

How will I receive my piece?

All items to be delivered within the U.S will be delivered via USPS priority mail and will need a signature to ensure safe delivering to your home.

How will piece be packaged?

Every piece will be handled with care and will be packaged in a handmade silk bag to prevent the damaging of the fabric during shipment. Formal pieces will be shipped in a garment bag.

Can I get a piece that I’ve seen in a different color or fabric?

Of course! All pieces will be made to your liking. If you happen to come across a piece that you love but are not fond of the color add that within your request and those changes will be applied as long as the color/ fabric desired is available. If you see a fabric you like online just send it to me and I will find it at the best possible price available to me.

What If I’m not sure of what it is that I want?

That’s perfectly fine! all of us aren’t big on fashion but want to feel confident as we deserve to! We can always have a consultation via email. Just let me know of the event you would like the piece for and we can work together to create a one of a kind piece just for you!

How will I know if I can afford a piece?

After you’ve found a piece created or are sure of the custom piece you want I will give you a price and we can work together to find a payment plan that works for you if it’s not in your price range to pay out at once.

Have another question that wasn’t answered here? No problem! Just fill out the form below and I will get back to you in less than 24 hours!


Housewife hustle in snake skin skirt made by Grand ERA, Inc.
The snakeskin skirt was made by Erica from GrandFashLife. She is magical, and this skirt has become a date-night favorite. ” -Jenni