Grand ERA Magazine



This issue is dedicated to celebrating self! Accepting yourself for all that you are through your flaws and through the eyes of others. Your beauty is uniquely yours!

What’s included?:

  • Self Love worksheet
  • Articles dedicated to fashion, beauty and self love
  • Shop directly with featured small businesses through their interactive buttons
  • A message to black women everywhere
  • Digital copy immediately sent after purchase (no waiting, shipping costs or extra fees)

Grand ERA Magazine- The 2nd Issue

Digital interactive magazine supporting fashion/beauty, creators, small businesses and artists of all kind! ON SALE UNTIL September 8th!!! You can have your digital copy in seconds!



Grand ERA Magazine
A Grand New ERA 
January 2020

What You’ll Get:

  • The digital copy sent to your email, so that you can avoid shipping costs and a waiting period.
  • Interactive buttons on each ad, so that you can support the small businesses featured.
  • Discounts from small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Instant access to motivational content and activities

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Grand ERA Magazine- Issue 1

Digital interactive magazine supporting fashion/beauty, creators, small businesses and artists of all kind




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How will I receive my copy?

After your purchase is complete your digital copy will be sent to directly to the email address provided during purchase.

How can I write for the next issue of Grand ERA Magazine?

Have an idea for an awesome article that you would love others to read? All you need to do is send your pitch to

How do I advertise my business or blog in Grand ERA Magazine?

The fee for an advertising spot is only $10 per advertisement. Email me your business information along with your high quality advertisement, I will immediately send an invoice and you’re all set. If you need assistance creating an ad, email me and we can work together to create an ad perfect for your business.


What if I don’t want to create a PayPal account?

No problem! Just click on your card type underneath the pay with PayPal button and you can check out as a guest!

How do I know my card information is secure?

we value our customers and keep their information 100% secure. Read more here!

How do I shop with the small businesses shown in the magazine?

Making sure that every small business is seen, I made it possible for you to shop with each business on the spot! Just click their shop now buttons on their articles or ads and it will direct you to their individual sites.

Have another question that wasn’t answered? Just fill out this form with your information and I will get back to you in less that 24 hours!

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