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Our Mission

Grand Marketing strives to provide exceptional services to each client, every time! With each call, email, social interaction, etc. we will make sure you never walk away without feeling motivated, excited and ready to put in the work to take your business to the next level. Always remember that we will treat your business baby as if it is our very own. With every service we provide for you, the results will be nothing less than grand!


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Marketing & Graphic Services

Need help with coming up with social media graphics or marketing? We’ve got you covered. We specialize in creating stunning graphics tailored to your business. Relieve yourself of the pain of creating promotional social media posts or bulk creating content. Tell us what you’re looking for and relax while we take care of the rest.

Ideation Calls

Ideation Calls

30 minute creative calls to help your business generate innovative and new ideas that lead to profitable growth

Beginners Business Basics workbook

Beginners Business Basics

Beginners Business Basics is the easy digital workbook you need to startup, launch or rebrand your business from start to finish. In this workbook you will discover:

  • Your ideal target
  • Marketing techniques to reach potential customers
  • and Tips on how to turn a potential customer into a paying customer.


Business Branding Basics is an affordable course fit for the business owner ready to take their branding to the next level through different social platforms. The course comes with two free downloadable PDF documents that will help you up your marketing game and instantly grow your audience. If you feel like you have been at a standstill within your business and social media, this course is for you. Let your branding take you to the top!

Business branding marketing course



We all know creating a new business or upgrading a pre-existing business can be extremely overwhelming to say the least. I am so grateful and re-inspired to upgrade my business thanks to Erica’s Basic Business Fundamentals and Tools ebook. She brings back some of the most essential basic fundamentals that we all need to start a business, which I’ve either forgotten or overlooked over the years. By re-implementing this steps in the correct order, I’ve seen instant results in my business endeavors and growth! I recommend to anyone at any level you’re own in business just as a refresher. It’s also perfect and comprehensive enough for young entrepreneurs, and a great tool for teaching the youth business.

In gratitude,

— Arjuna O’Neal

Grand Marketing 101 was extremely helpful. When it came to rebranding and creating a new look for my Youtube channel she really made it simple and easy to understand. The time and efforts put into every detail was amazing, always keeping you informed and above all very professional.

Thank You!

Grand Marketing showed me how to brand my business and make it stand out. They redesigned my logo, website, managed my social media posts, helped me understand the importance of hash tags, and increased my sales tenfold.

While I specialize in business development, I refer all of my clients to Grand Marketing for their branding and marketing needs. Erica is a visionary who is able to take her clients’ concepts and make them real. Business owners will greatly benefit from the knowledge contained in the Basic Business Fundamentals manual and the creative marketing and branding guidance Erica offers. You need Grand Marketing on your team!